Tuesday, September 01, 2020
Eddie Bauer Credit Card

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Low-Interest Special Deals, Eddie Bauer’s loyalty platform, celebrates its 4th birthday. In the fourth year, the merchants involved in the program returned nearly $ 300,000 to cardholders in both countries. 

Visit our site to Request an Eddie Bauer Credit Card

Having an Eddie Bauer credit card from https://dedebt.com/credit-card/eddie-bauer-review/ in your wallet is a matter of course for us nowadays. At the same time, most of us don’t care what the logo on the card is – it is essential that the shops in which we shop accept the card. However, our choice can certainly be influenced if one of the brands offers us “something extra”. 

Low-Interest Special Deals is a loyalty program that can be joined by any Eddie Bauer (debit or credit) cardholder, as well as premium cardholders. The United States and the United Kingdom were the first countries in the world where the card company launched this program four years ago.

The principle of the program is simple – as a cardholder, you sign up for it through the program’s website, verify your card, and then pay back to your participating merchants for a percentage of your purchase. Once you have collected a minimum of $ 5, your money will be transferred to your bank or card account.

An interesting part of the program is also the possibility to let your dream come true or to enjoy the experience of someone close. The cardholder fulfills his wishes when registering for the program and selects one smaller one every month and one bigger one every quarter. ” People really want all sorts of things “, however, we are very happy that much of the wishes are for someone else. The wife wants to reward her husband, the parents’ children … ”says Peter Pitch, Marketing Director of Eddie Bauer. In order to fulfill their wishes, the card company ensured, for example, a parachute jump, a Ferrari ride or private catfish fishing in the United States. In addition to regular wishes, the company has also prepared several short-term campaigns – competitions for an interesting holiday or participation in sporting and cultural events abroad. The winners got to the World Cup in alpine skiing in Austria, Disneyland, the Champions League final in Milan, or the Cannes Film Festival.

  • You can withdraw a maximum of 40 banknotes from an ATM at a time
  • Abroad, the card pays more cash
  • Learn more about credit cards
  • Thinking of a credit card? Compare your fees

What does Eddie Bauer credit card offers?

In the United States, an Eddie Bauer credit card offers you 6 banks, and debit cards including Premium cards even more than 10 banks. Around 140,000 cardholders have been registered in both countries for the first year, with some of them being automatically enrolled in the United Kingdom by some card issuers.

Currently, 22 retailers cooperate with Eddie Bauer LLC in the United States on the Low-Interest Special Deals program, which provides a back-off in the form of cashback for purchases paid by Eddie Bauer Credit Card or Premium card. For them, the program is also beneficial – in the words of Jan Kiks, a member of the board of Eddie Bauer LLC.

Eddie Bauer LLC continues to develop the program – new features include simplifying card verification upon registration, cooperation with new merchants, and launching the program in other countries.

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