ASUS unveils the world’s first 500Hz gaming monitor because it can

ASUS has announced the world’s first 500Hz monitor, marking the latest leap forward in high refresh rate panels. Unveiled during the NVIDIA Computex 2022 keynote on Tuesday, the upcoming ROG Swift 500Hz monitor is aimed solely at esports gaming and appears to be the fastest consumer display on the market.

The latest addition to the ROG Swift lineup offers 1080p resolution, taking advantage of an upgraded 24-inch TN panel. ASUS is marketing the technology as E-TN, or “Esports TN,” topping existing flagship monitors pushing 240Hz or 360Hz refresh rates. ASUS hasn’t announced an official name for the monitor, with price and availability to be discussed.

The 500Hz refresh rate hits another milestone for responsive gaming, with ASUS steering the monitor towards competitive settings. TN panels allow ASUS to deliver high refresh rate and low latency, despite the trade-offs compared to other modern LCD technologies. The result prioritizes speed over image quality – a feature NVIDIA says offers tangible benefits in popular esports games.

NVIDIA showed off the new 500Hz panel in a brief video, highlighting the benefits of Riot Games’ hit first-person shooter Valorant. The demo aims to demonstrate reduced latency and ghosting, as well as smoother animations, when captured at 1000 FPS. NVIDIA also indicates the display (opens in a new tab) has been “specially tuned” for other popular esports titles including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

The partnership also sees NVIDIA add its G-Sync Esports mode, improving vibrancy in games, while Reflex Analyzer support lets gamers measure system latency, and it works well with Reflex-enabled mice.

The new 500Hz panel marks the latest milestone for ASUS and NVIDIA, following a previous collaboration that spawned the world’s first 360Hz display in 2020. While the actual performance remains to be seen, the benefits diminish exponentially to as refresh rates continue to increase.

While once at the cutting edge of technology, 360Hz displays have spread to various monitors and laptops over time. However, many still opt for low refresh rates without compromising on image quality or price, especially considering the PC required to maintain such performance. While the same could be said for 500Hz, every millisecond matters in the world of esports.

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