Do you like karaoke? Check out these 4 cool Windows apps to sing along to

Karaoke is great entertainment, whether you’re singing alone or throwing parties. But you don’t always have to go to a club or bar to enjoy singing your favorite songs. Karaoke lovers like you can pursue their passion on your Windows PC.

Yes, some Windows apps allow you to play, mix and sync tracks and sing along. Read on to explore some of these cool karaoke apps.


KaraFun is one of the best and most popular apps among karaoke fans. It has everything you need to turn your PC into a cool karaoke machine.

While there are great websites for downloading karaoke music, KaraFun has its own library with around 48,000 studio-quality songs. And if that’s not enough for some reason, over 400 new songs are automatically added to your app every month. To access the songs, you can buy a 2-day party pass or try a monthly subscription.

KaraFun also has a dual display feature. A single click brings up a second display that you can project onto an external monitor or projector, meaning both the singer and the audience can see what’s being sung.

Moreover, you can sing the songs you like in your own way by customizing the key and tempo of any song. You can also add or remove lead and background vocals.

If you go to a place without an internet connection, KaraFun takes care of that too. You can sync your favorite numbers offline and party with friends no matter how strong the Wi-Fi signal is.

You can save all the songs you have sung with the Favorites feature for future reminders. KaraFun also supports many karaoke files, whether subscription songs or CD+G, MPEG, KAR or MID songs from your collection.

To download: KaraFun (Free, subscription available)

Kanto Karaoke will have you ready for exciting karaoke sessions in the blink of an eye. This easy to use application supports all popular media formats such as MP3, MID, KAR, MP3+G, CDG, AVI, WMV, MP4 and KaraFun’s KFN files.

If you like to try before you buy, you can check out the free version of Kanto. Once installed, you can either download a karaoke video from YouTube or use a file from your collection. Add or drag and drop the video to the playlist and hit play to sing the lyrics, which you can project on an external monitor.

This application also allows you to play multiplex tracks in CD+G, MP3+G and MP4 formats, and you can disable/enable the vocal track at any time with a simple click.

Once you register the app, you can customize the music backgrounds to your liking and change the pitch and playing time. You can also add various effects like clapping between songs for a realistic karaoke experience.

Moreover, with Kanto Karaoke, you can also convert MIDI files to MP3 directly, with or without the melody track. And its use of soundfonts (files containing virtual musical instruments) ensures that you get high-quality sound while you sing.

All in all, Kanto Karaoke with its handy mic settings and friendly user interface will let you sing along and record your favorite songs with ease. And to amp up the fun of singing sessions, you can check out some great karaoke machines for your home.

To download: Kanto Karaoke (Free, in-app purchases available)

This free karaoke app gives you an experience similar to what you would enjoy when playing tracks on a CD+G machine, including fading and scrolling.

You can play CD+G, MP3+G and CDG coupled with other audio files such as WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC and many more. You can even read ZIP files directly by simply dragging and dropping.

Karaoke Builder Player also allows you to change the playback speed if you learn a new song and also change the key/pitch of the songs.

The app sports a resizable window and you can enjoy full screen mode or use the pre-set windows for 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x playback. Plus, having one-touch shortcuts for every option makes Karaoke Builder Player an easy-to-use and fun karaoke player for every singing session.

To download: Karaoke Creation Player (Free)

LYRX is a modern and fast karaoke software designed to meet the demands of today’s fans.

Using LRYX Browser, you will be able to easily import and manage over 1,000,000 files. You can import and save music folders from your hard drive as favorites, add them all to a master database list, or even create user playlists.

In karaoke sessions, you can search as you type to find songs in a snap to send to spin or load into the LYRX deck.

You will be able to play compressed MP3+G, MP3+G and all karaoke video files such as MP4, AVI, DivX, MOV, MKV and Flash including their HD versions. Of course, most standard formats are supported, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, CDA, FLAC, etc. (non-DRM).

And if you feel like speeding up or slowing down a track, you can use the independent tempo control without affecting pitch or key.

You will find many professional features in LYRX such as managed singer rotation, singer/song history, key control, autofill music player, and much more. With this modern player. you’ll be able to manage and host a karaoke event with ease and precision, and you won’t need to search and purchase karaoke songs elsewhere.

LYRX also offers an in-app subscription to Party Tyme, a top name in perfect HD karaoke. So you’ll be able to access and stream over 20,000 HD karaoke songs, and even download them for offline use if you’re covering an event.

You can experience Party Tyme with the 7-day free trial, after which it will cost you $49.99/month. You can even listen to commercially subscribed songs at a party, club or karaoke bar.

Moreover, you can also purchase and download songs on the fly for just $2.49. So if you receive a request and you don’t have the song in your library, you can buy it and listen to the request.

Additionally, LYRX offers a secondary display to show lyrics and auto-fill music for music to play between singers and sets. Plus, there’s a mic stand to sing over the currently playing audio and add your personal touch.

You can also create text, image and video overlays and backgrounds to enhance songs or promote your karaoke services.

Whether you love to sing, host karaoke parties, or are a professional karaoke singer, LYRX has you covered.

To download: LYRX ($79.95; free trial available)

Unleash your passion for karaoke

There is no doubt that a Karaoke session would brighten up the day of an enthusiast like you. So get ready to sing like there’s no tomorrow or host fun and unforgettable karaoke parties with these awesome Windows apps.

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