FirstFT: NATO will supply heavy weapons to Ukraine

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NATO member states have agreed to supply new types of advanced weapons to Ukraine, alliance officials say, as kyiv prepares for a new Russian offensive in the east of the country .

The pledge came after a plea by Ukraine’s foreign minister for Western countries to move faster with new supplies or instead see “many people die. . . because this help came too late”.

Six weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow’s troops have largely withdrawn from territory north of kyiv after failing to capture the capital, but are regrouping and rearming ahead of an attempt to advance into eastern Donbass region, Ukraine and Western officials say.

Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly voted to suspend Russia from the Geneva-based Human Rights Council. Ninety-three UN members have given the go-ahead for Russia’s suspension – a rare rebuke for a member of the world body and the first such suspension for a permanent member of the UN Security Council. ‘UN.

However, 24 UN members – including China, Iran, Bolivia and Kazakhstan – voted against suspending Russia. India, Indonesia and Egypt were among the 58 countries that abstained.

The latest news on the war in Ukraine:

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1. Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed for U.S. Supreme Court Seat The US Senate has confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson for a seat on the Supreme Court, making her the first black female justice to join America’s top court in a big win for President Joe Biden, who defended her nomination.

Ketanji Brown Jackson and Joe Biden embrace after watching the Senate vote

Ketanji Brown Jackson and Joe Biden embrace after watching the Senate vote © Bloomberg

2. Toshiba considers takeover bids The Japanese company will set up a special committee to evaluate potential offers from private equity and other investors, opening the door to a historic deal to privatize one of the country’s biggest industrial names.

3. Vietnam’s VinFast Files for US IPO Automaker VinFast is to issue its shares in the United States as Vietnam’s largest automaker seeks to fund its move to go all-electric. The move makes it the latest automaker to turn to public markets in a bid to become a major global electric brand.

4. Founder Resigns Richard Liu has stepped down as chief executive of, the Chinese e-commerce group he founded more than two decades ago, marking the latest exit from one of the country’s top entrepreneurs. Beijing’s months-long campaign to rein in Big Tech has prompted several Chinese entrepreneurs to flee from leadership positions.

5. Samsung’s Windfall Earnings Forecast Samsung Electronics forecast its highest first-quarter operating profit since 2018 on the back of strong smartphone and chip sales, but the positive projections failed to dispel growing doubts over its tech lead over rivals. Apple and Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC.

Summary of coronavirus

The coming days

Japan’s Trade Balance Figures February data is expected to be released on Friday.

Rio Annual General Meeting in London Rio Tinto will lose another board member after its AGM on Friday. Non-executive director Hinda Gharbi is set to leave the company following the company’s decision in 2020 to blow up an Aboriginal heritage site. (Western Australia)

French presidential election The first round of the country’s presidential election will take place on Sunday. Here’s what you need to know about the state of the race. If no candidate wins a majority of votes this weekend (a likely scenario), there will be a runoff on April 24.

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