Glenfiddich’s new limited edition collection features 3 ultra-rare whiskeys to add to your drinks stash

The growing popularity of whiskey over the past 15 years has been a boon and a curse to its producers. As growing demand translates to increased revenue, distilleries have also had to find ways to manage the dwindling stock of older spirits. (This explains why we’re seeing more younger expressions hitting the market, as well as greater acceptance of whiskeys without any age statement.)

Which means when the really old stuff pops up, like the Glenfiddich Time Re:Imagined collection, everyone pays attention.

“In whiskey production, we often talk about the role of the Malt Masters, but we fail to recognize how absolutely unique each cask, each bottle, is because of the time it has taken to mature,” said Brian Kinsman , Glenfiddich Malt Master.

So, to honor both the work of the master distiller and the role nature plays in whiskey making, Glenfiddich has released three expressions for its Time Re:Imagined collection aged 30, 40 and 50 respectively each being encased in “a bespoke work of art that visually deconstructs and redefines different moments in the whiskey-making process”.

The 30-year-old whiskey, dubbed ‘Suspended Time’, focuses on when the Malt Master decides to halt the development of a whiskey in order to achieve perfect balance. Suspended Time celebrates the contributions of former Malt Master Hamish Robertson, whose 14-year legacy at Glenfiddich included being part of the team that introduced the Scotch single malt concept to the world.

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