How to Customize UI Windows in WoW: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft (more commonly abbreviated as WoW) has seen many acclaimed expansions, including Shadowlands. The eighth expansion pack also introduced many gameplay tweaks and changes, often for the better, to make WoW as user-friendly as possible. One of these additions is the introduction of customizable UI and HUD elements.

This way, players have complete control over their gaming experience. Here’s how.

The inclusion of modifiable UI in WoW Shadowlands adheres to the MMORPG’s mantra of player freedom

Follow the steps below to modify the HUD as you see fit:

  • Press Esc on your keyboard to bring up the menu.
  • Now tap on edit mode to bring up the UI editor.
  • This brings up two key elements: a contextual options screen to toggle on-screen elements, and the remaining editable UI elements that can be selected and changed as needed. The first lists all the items that users can pin to the screen.
  • To modify the user interface, select the element that needs to be customized.
  • This grants options to scale and resize it.

Let’s take the action bar as an example. It is one of the most used items in WoW because it lists player skills in an easily accessible way. Follow these steps:

  • Select the action bar after entering edit mode.
  • This highlights it in yellow and brings up a second pop-up window with options relating to said HUD element (i.e. the action bar).
  • In the case of the Action Bar, this brings up a number of items to edit.
  • Modify the required options and close the second window. Players can also undo changes or reset them to default.

They are the following:

  • Orientation: Choose between a horizontal or vertical action bar
  • Number of rows: change the action bar from a single row to a box (up to 4×3)
  • # of icons: adjust the number of icons listed (between 6 and 12)
  • Icon size: This increases the size of the icons in the action bar, also increasing the size of the UI.
  • Icon Fill: Action Bar Kerning
  • Hide bar art: allows you to remove graphic art on the action bar
  • Hide the scroll bar: removes the arrows that allow the movement of the action bar

Can layouts be saved between characters?

Distant hills and tumultuous valleys. Calm mists and warm skies. Inhale… and relax.

Yes, they can. Not only that, but WoW also allows these UI layouts to be imported between friends and guilds. Here’s how:

  • Press Esc and open edit mode
  • Select the drop-down menu that reveals options for importing and sharing the new layout
  • New Layout: Allows players to create different layout loadouts
  • Import: Allows you to import layouts from other users. This brings up the data to be pasted in a notepad format, this is how it is imported
  • Share: allows you to share your custom layout with others

Users can also switch between the new UI or the classic UI using the editor.

World of Warcraft is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and is exclusively available on PC. The latest update is Wrath of the Lich King Classic. On the other hand, players are eagerly awaiting the release of Dragonflight, coming on November 28, 2022.

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