Myths broken! Three things you should know about Microsoft Advertising


With a third of 2021 already behind us and probably long forgotten New Year’s resolutions, there is an opportunity to revisit old habits and beliefs.

For example, you might still refrain from running campaigns on Microsoft Advertising. You might be saying “what – Bing?” My customers only use Google. There is not enough traffic on Bing! “

Well, we decide to challenge some of those assumptions right now – it’s time to bust the myths!

Myth number one, my customers only use Google.

Let us share some facts with you! We have a ladder. The Microsoft research network reaches more than half a billion people worldwide in 50 markets. ¹ In Australia, the Microsoft Search network reaches more than 9 million researchers per month, driving on 173 million monthly searches.¹

We’re not just talking about Microsoft Bing research. Our network includes Yahoo, AOL, and partner networking sites such as DuckDuckGo, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal that bring high quality traffic and increased clicks to your campaigns.

And we are reaching people on all devices. Bing search is built into Windows 10 devices which now reaches over 1 billion monthly active users globally. Microsoft Bing is on phones, tablets, PCs, and many other devices and platforms that you might not expect!

Myth number two, Microsoft Advertising is reaching an older demographic or just B2B.

Interesting. The truth? Audience diversity is the name of our game. More than half of Microsoft Advertising’s audience is under 45 and is almost evenly split between men and women. In addition, more than 70 percent have university degrees and 1/3 have a family income above 100,000 dollars (AUD) ².

Myth number three, it would take too many resources to add Microsoft Advertising to my media buy.

We have two words for you: Google Import. If you already use Google Ads, you can save a lot of time by importing your Google Ads campaigns directly into Microsoft Advertising. Import existing ad campaigns from Google Ads and reach the 9 million internet users on the Microsoft search network in Australia, which represents 173 million monthly searches. 1 We know that the less time you spend managing your ads, the more you can focus on serving your customers.

And if you’re looking for future automation, Microsoft Advertising offers automated solutions for bidding strategies, rules, campaign experience, and ad customizers.

Bonus myth: research is boring, I need more to really engage with my customers.

Meet the Microsoft Audience Network, not your average native ad channel. If you didn’t already know that native advertising is growing, a lot. By 2025, this market is expected to be worth more than $ 400 billion worldwide. We are approaching this market with the Microsoft Audience Network.

Microsoft Audience Network in Australia reaches 10.8 million unique visitors per month.³ Native programmatic with CPC bidding available directly in the Microsoft Advertising platform. Show your native ads on high-quality placements on Microsoft properties and sleep soundly knowing that we maintain strict publisher standards and conduct continuous quality monitoring of ad placement to ensure brand safety on the web. Microsoft Audience Network.

Did you know: Microsoft Advertising hosts ongoing virtual events

Microsoft Advertising hosts a series of virtual events, to help you understand your audience and make more informed decisions about how to tailor your marketing strategies most effectively. They are free to join and are regularly updated through their online events calendar. For more information on upcoming virtual events, see the Microsoft Advertising Events Calendar.

Source: 1 – comScore qSearch (custom) December 2020. The Microsoft Search Network includes Microsoft sites, Yahoo sites (Bing powered searches), and AOL sites. Data represents desktop traffic only.

Source: 2 -GlobalWebIndex Q4 2020 AUNZ online audience who visited Microsoft Search Network via any device

Source: 3- comScore, Microsoft Audience Platform Report, August 2018. Australia office. Numbers are rounded to the nearest percentage point.


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