Owner says don’t call gothic


When Jim and Charlotte Griffen approached Seth Goodman to buy their octagonal house in Lincoln, Goodman began to think about the possibilities.

After all, Goodman, owner of ME Realty, has experience bringing old homes back to life and recognized that the one-of-a-kind home originally built in 1994 has potential.

“I was interested and at first I thought I was just going to turn the tables,” Goodman said. “But after selling my house, I needed a place to live.”

Following: Lincoln House sports a black design

But the just over 1,500 square foot single-family home with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a three-car garage was in need of updating. After the roof was replaced with black shingles, Goodman said everything else fell into place.

What he didn’t know was that the oddly shaped house, decorated mostly in black, would create a buzz from Washington State to Maine when it finished renovations and put it on the market.

“I wanted to make it more modern and after seeing the black roof, I thought why not go for a black siding. From there, we used black gutters, painted the bridge black, and changed the rocks in the landscaping to black, ”Goodman said.

His decision to make the house look different has earned him some weird looks.

“When I asked about the black walls everyone said ‘you’re not serious are you’ and then I knew the vibe of the house had to match the layout no traditional home, ”Goodman said.

Sim: Lincoln’s octagonal house goes viral

It took six weeks of work to make the transformation.

“We kept charcoal gray with the doors and kitchen cabinets. It’s just the ambiance of the house that lends itself to a unique color palette. Even the window treatments inside were custom made in black by Hunter Douglas, so they had to do a unique spin on those as well, ”he continued.

“When the guys who did the job saw the transformation once, they too got it and said they thought the color matched the aura of the oddly shaped house,” Goodman said.

When people started to notice the house’s uniqueness and shared her post on Facebook about the ad, things started to get interesting.

“I listed this property over a week ago and on Sunday night it had over 100,000 shares. Then it was on all these websites and all these people were following up and looking to do interviews. We have received calls from Washington, Texas, Florida, New York and Maine. People drove over five hours to come and view the house, ”Goodman said.

One thing Goodman didn’t like about the ad was that people call the house gothic and dark.

“There are windows all around, especially the upstairs master bedroom. It’s really not depressing, even if you want to sleep in it, it’s very easy to do because you’re in an all black room with black curtains, ”Goodman said.

The house is located in the 100 block of Edgar Street – a normally quiet neighborhood off Woodlawn Road which connects routes 121 and 10 to Interstate 55.

“For the past seven to 10 days the street hasn’t been quiet so I think my neighbors are probably a little confused by this,” Goodman said.

There have been visits and inquiries about the house which is listed at $ 250,000 but as of Monday it was still on the market.

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