Samson: LeBron James buys part of Red Sox is another step in the future of NBA star ownership

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LeBron James brought his talents to MLB on Tuesday, when he became co-owner of the Boston Red Sox in a new partnership with Fenway Sports Group. David Samson broke the news on his podcast, “Nothing Personal with David Samson” on Wednesday.

Samson begins the podcast by walking past Red Sox news and the future of James’ ownership. James came out with a quote saying, “My goal is to own an NBA franchise. It will be ASAP.”

“It’s a good and important story, LeBron James wants and will own an NBA team,” begins the host of the podcast.

He said there were several reasons he wanted James to become a homeowner, and one is that he sees firsthand how hard the job is.

Samson said:

I want LeBron to stop playing and use the money he earned and I want him to own an NBA team for several reasons. One of them is that I want him to see with Michael Jordan how difficult it is to own a team. I want him to see how hard it is to build a team. I want him to realize that no one will be as good as him and that will be incredibly frustrating for him. “

He also added that the diversity in the property is always a good thing.

Samson mentioned that Boston has had issues with racism and said that “John Henry thought it would be in his best interests to have black representation, as all property groups should have.”

Samson says that this diversity is crucial and that you need to have a group at each level that lends itself to people with different voices, backgrounds, races, and nationalities.

“You want diversity, you want equity, you want inclusion, because you want to have a group that represents the community and you want to have a group where there can be different points of view at the table when you make ownership decisions. It all makes perfect sense, it’s the right thing to do, “said Samson. “It is not happening enough and it will start to happen more.


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