South African summer citrus is coming to the East Coast

By Summer Citrus from South Africa

South Africa’s summer citrus has reached the “good part” of the season with ships carrying fruit arriving mainly on the east coast and some volumes are expected to head to the Midwestern and southern states later this season .

The arrival of the first conventional South African ship has traditionally been a big celebration and something the band had hoped to return to this season. Thankfully, for the first time in two years, the company was able to toast the arrival of its first ship in Philadelphia in June!

During the celebration, Leo Holt, President of freight transport and logistics service Holt Logistics Group said, “We promise this will be a great season to bring fresh produce to our market and distribute it across the United States.”

By the end of week 28, Summer Citrus from South Africa had packed 55% of its 2022 harvest, with 45% already shipped as 7 conventional vessels plus containers.

The remaining part of the harvest was shipped in containers with 9,000 pallets arriving in New York, making a stop at Packer Avenue, PA, and several containers scheduled to reach Savannah, GA, and Houston, TX. Notably last month, Summer Citrus of South Africa unloaded the largest conventional vessel it had ever shipped, which accounted for 7,500 pallets.

For the rest of the season, Summer Citrus from South Africa will continue to send weekly conventional vessels and intermediate containers to meet market demand. In terms of volumes shipped, the company’s fruit basket consists of 47% Easy Peelers, 42% Navel Oranges, 8% Star Ruby and 3% Cara-Cara.

“Our sophisticated summer citrus business model is all about managing supply and demand,” described Suhanra Conradie, CEO of Summer Citrus South Africa. “There is a window of opportunity and we are working closely with our US service providers, importers and retailers to really determine that window,” she explained.

Erin Meder, US General Manager of Capespan, one of North America’s leading importers and distributors of fresh fruit, said: “The collaborative model in which South African growers operate is very consistent. Producers remain self-contained and it’s very competitive, but they collaborate and work together to solve industry-wide problems,” she continued.

Similarly, Chris Cockle, Senior Import and Sales Manager at Wonderful Citrus, praised Summer Citrus from South Africa for “the balanced approach to how it brings fruit to market” , pointing out that it works better than all the other countries in the southern hemisphere that his company imports. of.

Suhanra Conradie said she was happy with the company’s current situation with her program: “I am very satisfied with the real-time communication system that we have put in place. I think we have a great group of people involved to really make the necessary adjustments and run this program with excellence.

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