Test drive of the McLaren GT on the roads of Singapore

Now, with the McLaren GT, you choose the intensity of your drive. Use the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox in Sport or Track mode and the gear changes quicken and the roar of the exhaust increases.

But if you don’t want to wake up the neighbours, there’s even a ‘quiet start’ feature for quieter jaunts, bespoke Pirelli tires designed with unique noise canceling technology, plus a smoother exhaust note when you drive at maximum speed in Comfort mode. A gentlemen’s supercar, if you will.

I loved the nicely weighted steering, but what I missed, however, was a shift knob to wrap my hand around, especially for a sports car like this. Instead there’s a toggle gear selector which is more modern and streamlined, sure, but just doesn’t convey the same level of joy.


The way those lines flow, the McLaren GT looks good from every angle. Its elegant, graceful and refined form comes together for a captivating profile.

Let’s start with its jewel-like LED headlights. They sport discreet McLaren branding and are equipped with automatic rain and light sensors. And they’re also built with a smart ‘tourist function’, which instantly adapts the direction and distribution of light to maintain optimum lighting – when traveling in countries that drive across the road. Not that we’ll ever need it here, but good to know, because this is a supercar you could actually take a road trip in.

The body of the McLaren GT is longer than any other McLaren model at nearly 4.7m, but those sleek overhangs are there for a reason. Externally, to promote aerodynamics. And inside, to create usable space.

Then, of course, there are those butterfly doors (officially called dihedral doors by the brand). Love them or hate them, they take your breath away either way.

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