The best Microsoft Teams room hardware providers 2022

The best Microsoft Teams Room hardware vendors are the companies that work hand-in-hand with Teams to ensure you can create the best collaborative room experiences. While Microsoft Teams can provide a fantastic software experience for today’s users, enabling everything from video streaming to content sharing, businesses still need to make sure they’re investing in the right hardware.

Microsoft partners with some of the most impressive companies around to build everything from complete all-in-one room kits to simple yet effective cameras.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best Microsoft Teams Room hardware companies for 2022 to help you find the company that’s right for you.

audio codes

For the modern meeting room, AudioCodes, the leaders in communications technology, offer fantastic solutions for business leaders investing in Microsoft Teams rooms. With AudioCodes, you can always count on exceptional audio performance, with SILK support for HD voice quality. At the same time, you have the option of having your meeting space centrally managed by IT professionals.

As certified Microsoft Teams partnersAudioCodes offers comprehensive options like the AudioCodes “RX” space to turn any room into a smart meeting space, with various add-ons and extensions available.


Crestron provides powerful tools for Microsoft Teams meetings in solutions like Crestron Flex. The Flex environment combines all the tools you need for amazing meetings, including powerful audio and video, with an easy-to-use plug-and-play device.

With Crestron, business users can either manage their technology in-house with their IT teams or take advantage of the premium service and support plan from Crestron’s IT experts. For companies looking to create the ultimate all-in-one meeting environment, Crestron could be a perfect choice.


With convenient features like dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons that let you instantly join meetings, EPIC can make your collaborative sessions more effective. You will have access to exceptional quality audio tools with adaptive beamforming microphones and intelligent noise reduction functions.

EPOS provides an all-in-one environment designed for the exact shape and size of meeting room you want to design. Even smart “BrainAdapt” technology is implemented to improve efficiency and productivity in any workplace.


One of the most well-known AV companies offering specialized solutions for Microsoft Teams users, Logitech is taking the world by storm. Logitech’s Microsoft Teams-certified solutions deliver incredible plug-and-play connectivity for small, medium, and large rooms. You can even access innovative tools like the Logitech Rally Bar series.

Logitech’s technology is designed to adapt to all types of meeting rooms, brainstorming rooms and hybrid work environments. This Microsoft Teams Room hardware provider also offers different ways to expand your meeting rooms and customize them with different secure and flexible mounting options.


Poly is one of the most innovative companies in the AV landscape and easily one of the best choices for companies investing in Microsoft Teams Rooms. You can access individual tools from Poly for your Microsoft Teams rooms, such as stand-alone cameras and speakers, or purchase complete conference room packages.

Poly’s native Microsoft Teams solutions include Microsoft Teams Room devices, USB peripheral solutions, and video interoperability offerings for legacy devices. Poly was even a finalist for Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year awards. You can also access your Teams rooms via Android or Windows.


A phenomenal company for video and audio technology, Yealink has partnered with Microsoft Teams to create powerful meeting experiences for quite some time. Today, the Yealink device ecosystem for Microsoft Teams hardware covers everything from comprehensive visual tools like the MeetingBoard65 to meeting room bars.

Yealink’s technology can adapt to Android or Windows operating systems, so you can find the solution that best suits your team. Yealink technology is also available to fit virtually any meeting room, including the smallest ad-hoc collaboration spaces.


Easily one of the top contenders in smart meeting room technology, HP specializes in building comprehensive tools for fast and powerful meetings. Businesses can access on-demand one-touch calling and a convenient “Sure Start” system with tools like Elite Slice for Microsoft Meeting Rooms.

HP Technology for Microsoft Teams comes with state-of-the-art processing tools and physical security features to keep your conference room secure. You can also compare and choose from a range of devices and services, including HP Conferencing Implementation Services. HP can work with your business to create a comprehensive tool just for your business.


Lenovo Microsoft Teams Room hardware offerings are designed to enable hybrid meetings to launch just as quickly and efficiently. Tools like the “ThinkSmart Hub” provide an all-in-one environment to manage your meeting room and collaborative sessions. The Hub can also connect to substantial accessories, such as the ThinkSmart Camera with Intelligent Tracking.

With your ThinkSmart Hub, you’ll have one of the most powerful devices for controlling Microsoft Teams meetings. Lenovo also ensures that every business has access to incredible ease of use, one-click meeting join systems, and convenient remote meeting management. Whatever your Teams meetings, Lenovo makes sure you have the hardware you need.


A fantastic company for computer tools and audiovisual technology, Dell has started producing its innovative solutions for Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms as a Microsoft partner. For example, offerings like Dell Meeting Space for Microsoft Teams allow businesses to turn any meeting space into a collaborative ecosystem with large-format displays and Logitech tools for audio and visual functionality.

Dell ensures businesses can create the all-in-one environment for their perfect meeting experience from scratch, with a range of options to choose from depending on the types of displays and cameras you want utilize. You will also have Logitech Tap touch controllers to easily manage your meetings.

As Microsoft Teams grows in popularity, we’ll continue to see more and more big companies partner with the brand to deliver innovative hardware solutions.

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