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For those seeking custom interiors and remarkable views, the 12,452 square foot, three-story home at 851 Wilson Way is simply unique. Now on the market, the property costs $25.9 million, nearly half the cost of Tom Cruise’s Aldasoro estate, which was listed at $39.5 million. About a 30 minute drive out of town past the airport, the house is part of the Gray Head Property Owners Association. A large steel gate leads to an immaculately landscaped driveway to the house.

“It was a fun process and an incredible collaboration. A project of this caliber in such a coveted location is a truly special opportunity,” said Samuel Baucum, who worked as a project manager for Bluegreen, the company that completed the project. landscaping and landscaping for the property.

The main level of the house has two very different views. From the north you can see Wilson Peak, Lizard Head, Sunshine Mountain, Baskoff Peak, Fowler Peak, Dolores Peak, Little Cone, Ophir Needles, Palmyra Peak Telluride Ski Area, Ajax Peak, and Ingram Falls. From the west it almost looks like Sedona when the red rock canyon comes into view. To the right, to the west and beyond the giant glass doors and windows, is a pond and patio.

“The owners wanted to bring the outdoors in with the use of expansive glass and the use of large quartzite flagstone floors inside and out. They built a large pond located right next to the house to create a sense of infinity from their living room and patio deck,” explained Stephen Cieciuch, Director of Telluride Properties.

Baucum echoed Cieciuch’s sentiment.

“The lines between the residence and the natural setting of the pond are blurred so that one can experience both simultaneously. The cantilevered patio above the pond just like a tree carefully placed emerges from the bridge,” Baucum said.

The welcome is truly personalized. No space is alike with a master bedroom, five guest bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Each bathroom offers a different experience as each sink is custom made. Water flows differently through each fixture, whether it’s a giant stone basin or a granite slab encased in a horizontal glass frame where water escapes through a tiny ditch . Cieciuch credited the unique styling of the interior to Paul Ricks of Fortenberry and Ricks Construction.

“Ricks is such a creative builder and together with the owners they have implemented some amazing personal touches including beautifully executed bathroom and massage room mosaic tiles with Swarovsky crystals, molded on sinks measurement and unique fabric wall textures. There’s something incredibly special about this home. It’s a work of art,” said Cieciuch.

Curtains that look like shimmering chainmail separate the main entrance vestibule from the rest of the house. The same chainmail-like material hangs from the ceiling in one of the bathrooms and gathers on the counter in a loose pile of chains.

The massage room has a giant Buddha mosaic and sparkles with hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

The floors inside and out were made of solid blocks of quartzite hand-picked by the contractor and imported from India. According to the description of the house, the contractor “paid incredible attention to the harmony of color and texture of the blocks in order to make the slabs”.

“851 Wilson Way was a very memorable project for our company as we enjoyed working with the owners to source unique finishing materials, fixtures, lighting and hardware from around the world to create this unique residence in every interior and exterior detail was thoughtful and helpful in bringing the outdoors in, and we believe we’ve managed to build a special, enduring, and timeless home,” Ricks said.

In 2015 the house was stripped down to the beams and the interior was essentially rebuilt. It took two years to complete the renovation. Although the house has changed inside, the views are and will remain the same. Cieciuch explained that the lot borders property owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), so there will be no development obstructing views in the future.

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